Jason Lott: Turning a Screenplay into a One Person Show

In this session of the ABCs of a One Person Show former attorney, Jason Lott, talks about how he co-wrote his one-person show “It’s a Wonderful Life”adapted from the screenplay of the same title.

He tells us how he discovered his talent for solo performance in college when he presented a project for his American History class as a one-man show on the Memorial Day Massacre of 1937 in Chicago.

He also shares valuable information on steps he took to protect himself legally before adapting “It’s a Wonderful Life” into a stage production.

Jason Lott is an actor and writer with an extensive theatre resume and an emerging TV/film career.  A recent transplant from Washington, DC, Jason has worked with numerous regional theaters over the years, including productions with The Kennedy Center, Folger Theatre, Studio Theatre, Theater Alliance, The Hub Theatre, Olney Theatre Center, Everyman Theatre, Taffety Punk Theatre Company, Longacre Lea Productions, and Imagination Stage.  He is a two-time Helen Hayes Award nominee, including a nomination for Wonderful Life for the 2012 Charles MacArthur Award for Outstanding Play or Musical.  Photos, videos, and more are available at www.jasonlott.com.

For information about Wonderful Life http://www.theatreasylum-la.com

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Helen Pafumi

The Hub Theater

Greg Henry

American College Theater Festival

United States Copyright Office

The Library of Congress


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