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Screw It, Let’s Do It. – Online or Live

If you’re a sprinter more than a marathoner or the type of person who wants to jump in with both feet – I totally get it. That’s why I created  “Screw it.  Let’s do it!” 

In the workshop you:

  • won’t have to write and re-write for weeks and wonder if you’re on the right track.
  • will have PLENTY OF TIME to be creative and NO TIME to cave in to your inner critic.
  • will have built in motivation to stay excited and get your story on the page.
  • Will perform the 10-minute piece you create.

Whether you have a story idea or are looking to discover the story that’s been tapping you on the shoulder for months (or even years!), “Screw it.  Let’s do it!” is designed to get you from idea to performance in an exciting, supportive, and fun way.

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Tell your story with your iPhone on YouTube

You don’t need to spend $2,000 on a DSLR camera and editing equipment in order for your story to reach a broader audience and make a bigger impact.

The iPhone and iMovie are powerful tools that can help you convey your story and ideas most effectively.  With the help of a few additional low cost tools, you’ll be able to create content for your YouTube channel from wherever you happen to be.

You’ll learn:
  • The basics of filming yourself with your iPhone.
  • Tools that will make your video look and sound professional.
  • How to edit your videos using iMovie for your iPhone
  • How to enhance your videos use images, transitions, music and voiceover.
  • How to upload your completed video to YouTube.
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Private Coaching

If you prefer working one-on-one instead of in a group setting, I offer the above courses privately as well.

Let’s work together to grow your story from an idea to reality.  This isn’t some cookie cutter process.

I hold space for your story to unfold and see myself as a collaborator, and mid-wife guiding you through your journey to finding and expressing the unique story that only you can tell, and the world needs to hear.

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