Get Your Show into The One Festival in New York

“Our Festival is about you as a solo artist.”

There’s a terrific one person show festival going on in NYC this week called The One Festival.  They’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

I performed Dancing with my Demons at the festival in 2014 and had a fantastic time bringing my show back to where it was born.

I asked the One Festival founder Veronica Caicedo to answer some questions that will give you some insider tips on what she and her team look for in choosing The One Festival participants.

Hope it inspires you to finish your show so you can apply to be an official selection  next year.

  1. Why did you create The ONE Festival?
    I was working on another festival that decided to close its doors unexpectedly. I loved the idea of bringing one person shows together.   As a director who’s worked on a lot of one person shows, I felt what better way to create a solo performance theater festival?

  2. What’s your criteria for choosing participants?
    I personally don’t choose the participants, but part of the selection process is that people submit shows that really express the story telling through characters and scenarios.

  1. What are some common mistakes people make when applying to The ONE Festival?
    They assume it is a one-act play festival.

  2. What have you noticed that the most successful shows have in common?
    I would say 90% of the winning shows have been autobiographical. Living their true story brings a more realistic touch to an actor’s performance.

  3. How can someone from out of town build an audience for their show?
    Buy an ad in the journal to expose your show instead of just being part of the entire line up. Create postcards and get a street team to help spread the word about the show. If you have a website, you need to make the announcement in advance and use social media as much as possible.

  4. What are your top Do’s & Don’ts for performers at The ONE Festival? 
    Do’s – Get a director.
    Don’ts – When doing a festival circuit try to keep it at a minimal with sets, and Lights. The performance is about you and you only. Don’t depend on the lights and sound, to carry you through the show. Our Festival is about you as a solo artist. The ONE Festival is not about the extras that you have in the show. Its about the ONE solo artist.

  1. What do you love about solo performers & one person shows?
    I love the creativity of each actor transforming into multiple characters and maintaining the audience attention for a long period of time without breaking the fourth wall.

The One Festival

April 28 – May 3, 2015
Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre
304 West 47th Street
New York , New York 10036
Bet. 8th & 9th Avenue

$20 dollars in advance
$30 dollars at the door


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